A step-by-step guide to Market Basket Analysis

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As retail business owners, knowing your customers is imperative. But what would you do and where do you start?

In this article, we will be introducing a way you can get to know your customers using hard data and a widely-known concept known as Market Basket Analysis.

What is Market Basket Analysis?

Market Basket Analysis is a technique commonly used by retailers to identify associations between different items within a transaction database. Often, these associations can be analyzed so that retailers can better understand patterns in the purchasing behaviors of their customers.

Depending on the business context, applications of such analyses can vary. …

Never have to consider between surprisingly ineffective eye drops and daunting eye injections ever again. Recent groundbreaking discovery of a mere eye patch might just provide a painless and more effective alternative to treating eye diseases.

Fig 1: what’s this!

Imagine living in a world of complete darkness: a world with only sound, smell, and touch. Imagine not being able to see the faces of your loved ones, not being able to see anything. Without our trusty eyes, we can all agree that even the simplest of tasks such as eating and walking around would wind up becoming a challenge.

As you probably already know, vision plays a crucial role in all of our lives. However, many of us fail to recognize that eye diseases affect a sizeable proportion of humanity. In fact, a local study conducted by professors from…

In this article, we will discuss the deployment of a face mask detection model using a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), analyze it alongside various Machine Learning models and address our key findings.

Group Photo!!

Hi everyone! Earlier this year, a few of my friends and I came together for a Machine Learning (ML) module where we completed a project that required us to solve a ML problem. In this article, I will be discussing our problem statement and how we went about tackling the project. So, read on to find out more!

Problem Statement¹

In view of Covid-19, Singapore mandated on 14th April 2020 for everyone to wear a mask when leaving the house. Since then, about 3,000 Enforcement Officers and SG Clean and Safe Distancing Ambassadors have been walking the ground every day to ensure…

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A penultimate-year Data Science and Analytics undergraduate specializing in Artificial Intelligence

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